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"How to Get Over Thoughts of Your Ex"

Many people that have gone through a recent breakup describe the emotional and mental turmoil as obsessive. It is easy to become obsessed with thoughts of your ex because you miss spending time with each other, you miss the way it feels to have someone in your life to be there for you when you need or want. Fortunately, there are many ways you can break the cycle and get out of this obsessive and unhealthy behavior. For example, distract yourself with friends and activities and get out of the house to meet someone new - better and move on.

There are certain things that can trigger obsessive thoughts. Identify your triggers - Facebook, locations, TV programs and change these things. If certain locations remind you of your ex, try visiting new locations. Brainstorm the reasons you're better off without them and refer to this list whenever they are on your mind.

How to Get Over Thoughts of Your Ex

Do not be negative about yourself. If your ex does not want to be with you, that is his or her loss, not yours. Remain positive and keep in mind that there is someone else out there that is sure to appreciate you better than your ex.

Go on a holiday with some friends. Sometimes just getting out of town and taking in new sights can be the easiest way to get over obsessive thoughts of your ex. When you find that your ex occupies your every waking thought, it can drag you down and decrease your self-confidence. Rather than allowing yourself to become depressed and withdrawn from friends and family, put yourself out there as though it does not bother you that your ex left you. Who knows, it is possible that your ex will notice your behavior and come crawling back to you.

If you follow these tips and find that you are still having trouble getting over your ex, you may want to work with a professional counselor. Sometimes, when you talk about the things that are bothering you it helps you to identify why you cannot get your ex off your mind. A counselor can suggest various ways to help you cope with an ugly break up. A counselor can also help you identify positive aspects about you that will help you increase your self-confidence, making it easier for you to stop obsessing over thoughts of you ex. It is not healthy for you to sulk over what is lost but rather to focus on something new and better.

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