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29, male, Single

Haverhill, United States

Musics my life, I play bass and have for about 8 years, I've been in a couple bands, predominantly playing progressive metal but I love exploring other styles! I am also a freelance engineer for both studio and live environments, and am going to college to be a high school music teacher. I'm a pretty easy going person, I like to have fun and have a good laugh with friends, I also love talking about music so musicians hit me up!! I also have 7 tattoos and very soon to be more!

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58, male, Divorced

Westminster, United States

I'm a producer for a marketing firm by day and a singer/songwriter much of the other time, with an affinity for American roots music (Country/, rockabilly, blues, swing, jazz, rock and roll). I love Southern culinary culture and am a BBQ chef and (former) judge. I love road trips and exploring weird sights and places. I'm also a proud veteran of two branches of the military and am well-travelled and cultured. I love learning and am curious to a fault. I love language and enjoy using it to its fullest. I speak semi-fluent Español. I'm a bit of a nerd about spelling, grammar and punctuation sometimes. I also love history and dig social anthropology. I enjoy riding my beach cruiser around town, and oddly enough, to the beach. I'm down to swim, snorkle, surf, paddle or kayak. But mostly I go to the beach to chill out and do a lot of nothing. I go to the beach frequently by myself as it's steps (well, a short block) from my home. I'm really interested in someone who shares my love of music, vintage culture, has an adventurous spirit and who has a thirst for learning. My partner is strong and has a voice; but also knows and practices the basics of how to treat a man. They're giving, considerate, measured in their words and actions. They'll be just as comfortable having a beer and sleeping in a tent as sipping wine in the finest hotels. They're well-rounded and like to laugh. Tattoos and piercings? Cool. Have a past? No prob. Me too. I believe life is about our attempts at getting it right—eventually—since things rarely happen right the first time. I'm a gentleman, believe in chivalry and I'm an easy-going guy. However, I know how to protect myself and my woman just fine if the need arises. People generally like me and I'm pretty quick-witted and a good listener. Not to brag, but I'm also a masterful parallel parker ;-) I consider myself a very well-rounded person. I really do want to squeeze the most out of life during the short time we're on this planet.

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33, female, It's Complicated

Lago Vista, United States

I have a lot of goals, and would like help achieving them. I want to set up my life to where I can feel stable and peaceful. Would like to live self sustainably. Right now I am interested in building a rammed earth house, cleaning up my land, and eventually setting up gardens and getting animals. Lots of other smaller things. I have a lot of interests. Don't want to meet anyone with a facebook or that texts all day. Don't like apple users either most often. Not interested at all in smokers. Trying to get healthier. Not interested in tattoos either. I don't like to go out much, except to Rockets games, or to shop for my ebay selling at dollar stores or merry mushrooms at thrift stores. I don't drive. I am too scared to. I have been trying to practice, but do not feel it is helping. Like to talk about power balances, environment, and what I like about you and how much I care about you. I'm polyamorous, but prefer not to date other poly people. I have insecurity that is unrearrangeable in my head. I don't believe in investing in anything that isn't forever. So I don't look to date if it doesn't feel serious. I'm an intense person, and extreme. If it isn't one way, it's the opposite. Something else mostly messed up in my head.Thank you for reading!

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31, female, Single

New Haven, United States

I have an associates degree in social and behavioral science and am continuing my education to be a youth drug counselor. I love tattoos and gentlemen. Good vibes and good humor needed here :)

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65, male, Divorced

Nain, Australia

I am a decent fun loving Christian man, love to laugh, seeking my soul mate, my someone special, the other half of me. I have children who do not live at home anymore, they have grown up, and have families of their own. I do not do drugs, I work hard, am faithful, respectful, loyal, romantic and truthful. I have a job, I am reliable, trustworthy, honest, faithful. WYSIWYG :)I have no health issues, tattoos or piercings. I live in a small town, population about 3000, big wide open spaces, lots of trees and grass, fresh air, very tranquil. It is just impossible to enjoy when there is no one to share it with. Being lonely is such a burden, I wish perhaps you could cure me of this void.

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