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La Pintada, New Zealand

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Blackwater, United Kingdom

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Bajo Nuevo Bank, United States

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Little Wobby, Australia

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51, female, Single

Guidan Magaji, Ghana

I hope you are smiling and your heart is feeling very warm I am alone,my brain emergy the scene of us being together,i also daydream of us,on the other word,I can’t stop thinking of you!!Every time i think of you,i smile from my heart,sometimes also tearing with happiness,just because i miss you and I am so thankful that you have come into my life.I hope we will be together as happy lovers and couple someday,I hope our life will be full of happiness and no more loneliness.I write from my heart and I do everything follow my heart,I have a dream,that is to be with you and share a happy life with you for the rest life.You are in my deep heart and you will always be there,

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47, male, Single

Mansfield Woodhouse, United Kingdom

Not much on here really ...but am looking new thing from you , my hobbie PlayStation and crash banicoot,pac man .ect and animal lovers

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55, female, Single

West Milwaukee, United States

Well heck, just by virtue of being on a dog lovers dating site, it has to be obvious that I LOVE MY DOG....otherwise known as Ramsey, Little Man, MiVarmito, Garbage Varmit or Little Shit. He's a handful, but he's my sidekick and goes with me everywhere a dog is allowed. But that brings up an issue...dogs aren't allowed everywhere, so I wouldn't mind finding a 2-legged companion to visit those places. Oh, and as much as I like talking to Ramsey, a return opinion might be nice every once in awhile!A short summary of me sans-Ramsey....burner, hasher, hooper....if you know these terms, awesome!! If not, well, we'll see.

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56, male, Widowed

Manchester, United Kingdom

Strangers are friends, wives,husbands and lovers waiting to be made.Believe in your self and always pray to God to see you through in your sufferings.

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28, female, Single

Bintaro, Indonesia

hey! my you can call me permanently in jakarta, indonesia. Currently being student, civil engineering. i like to enjoying life such as good food, good people , and good lovers :pim not into party so much, as i really make time for my bed. i wont make my self sleepless for something not so important.i take care about people surround me. and i love to be loyal, it such a good feeling for future desire, is stand by my own feet and being woman that happy with my own life.

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