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38, female, Divorced

Riggston, United States

Born in South Korea then moved (I was 5 months old at the time) here in GA where I was raised my whole life. I may be Asian, but I'm a southern girl at heart, however my Korean culture is just as important to me. Strangers don't expect to hear a southern drawl once I speak, which I always find amusing. Recently divorced, single mother with a 1 1/2 year old daughter. I have a Masters Degree in music, currently looking for work. I was a stay-at-home mom/homemaker when I was married so I did not work at the time. I like to workout when I have the time given the fact that I have a child who takes up most my time which is mainly during the weekdays. I'm also trained in kickboxing and a bit of muay thai. My plan was to start competing in the ring, but that was pushed back once I had a child. I'm still working on getting there though. I'm very shy and quiet at first, but after getting to know someone, I open up. I've had so many people assume that I must dislike them just b/c I don't talk a lot which is certainly untrue, so I ask you to be patient and let me warm up at my own pace. I have a great sense of humor; I'm a kid at heart and still watch cartoons and will laugh at the occasional dirty joke, but I do have a serious side. I'm a beer drinker...though I do enjoy wine ever so often, I just think it's too much of a girly drink and I'm in no way prissy. I do like to dress up nice when going out on special occasions, but I've always had a tomboy personality. Even though I am a classically trained musician, I'd much rather put on my metal/hard rock music (my favorite genre) and let it blast through my earphones or my car stereo, which is another thing people don't expect when meeting me and yes that does mean I have a thing for tattoos and piercings. Honesty is important to me. That is part of the reason my marriage and previous relationships have failed. I'm not going to tolerate dishonesty anymore...I've been hurt too many times and want to avoid any "drama."

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32, female, Single

Denver, United States

The sweetest ***hole you'll ever know. Beards=yes .Los Angeles Native. Loves Music, Movies,and reading. Christian. Have multiple tattoos and piercing's. Second Language FOOD. health/junkfood freak. Family oriented. Love to laugh, smile and have a good time. Sports fanatic. Video gamer. Marvel junkie. Ballet dancer. Dog lova.whiskey drinka. Future classic car collector. I'm driven, passionate, eccentric, loving, understanding, and open, With a HUGE HEART. But, Sensible, not foolish.Current bussiness student, future Nursing Student. Ive worked in Entertainement and Retail for years. Non-profit owner. Good girl, that can get bad... But you can still take me home to momma.

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32, female, Single

Coamo, United States

As a singer/songwriter, guitar player, violin player and piano player I have been performing for almost fourteen years. The first time I sang in front of an audience was at the age of five, at the age of ten I started singing in weddings, at thirteen I was picking up the guitar and writing my own music. My ambitions uphold me to an adventures daily lifestyle. I have an endless amount of confidence and can do absolutely anything that I set my mind to. I have twelve tattoos and counting and they all mean something important to me. My exceptional interests include traveling, meeting/performing with different musicians, open mic nights, attending live music venues, collaborating with other writers and learning something new on a daily basis. A little incite on my personality: I am a fun-loving, energetic, independent individual. I am destined to make others laugh with my outgoing sense of humor, I am very genuine and completely honest (at times, brutally honest.) I am currently studying to become a successful Radiologist. I feel that we create our own destiny and that even though we may night understand why certain things may happen in our lives, it always happens at the right time. I strive on having meaningful conversations and as I'm sure most writers, musicians, singer/songwriters would agree with, some of the littlest things in life inspire me. Let's take chances, be brave and create something adventurous together.

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57, female, Single

Yangikurgan, United States

i just started working out gained wait from summer stuff. into fast cars and motorcycle..i like football cooking out enjoying life too the fullest just my tattoo on my lower of neck..i love tattoos and want more i only have 14 so fare.well just ask ill tell you..

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31, female, Single

Beecher City, United States

Im 4'11 red hair 4 tattoos i have a thing for bad boys lol. I love fishing mudding cooking cleaning reading going out to dinner

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