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65, male, Divorced

Kabul, Afghanistan

My name is John Campbell, the General Commander of the United State Army troops/Afghanistan troops, but presently serving my country in Afghanistan as the General Commander. I am a divorced man with two lovely kids living far away from home, am a sincere, honest and caring man who people will like to be with, am such an outgoing man but my job does not permit me, i love to visit the mountains and beach. Am such a man who loves to be around people but dislike been crowded by them. I'm a single man with no friends no lovers or family, have been living my life single without friend when i was little, because i discover they are all betrayals. Ask if you real want to know more about me. Thanks for stopping by to read this, i really appreciate. Thanks John.

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39, female, Single

Portugal Cove - St. Philips, Canada

Active, cheerful and elegant young lady is looking for her knight. My soul is opened for everyone who is ready to win my heart. Weak desires bring weak results. As well as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. I have strong serious intentions to find my future husband here and to make a family. I am sure that I will reach my goals because they are not weak, I know what I want and I would like to implement all my desires very soon. Of course, life can't give us everything we want at once, so, we should be patient. As people say: "Rome wasn't built in a day" and I am ready to wait for my real love. :) Singing and dancing occupy all my spare time. I have been doing it since my childhood. My favorite kind of dance is "contemporary dance". Do you know what is this? It combines elements of modern dance and classical ballet.It's very hard to find a good man nowadays but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I try to follow this expression every time when I decide to do something new. There are many men around but I can't find someone whom I can call "my". All they are good and worthy from the first sight but, as you know, "all that glitters is not gold". So it takes much time to find out your special one. Behind every great man there’s a great woman. I want to be your "great woman", to help and support you in every situation, to understand and respect you and, of course, to love you most of all in my life. :)

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34, male, Single

Burnley North, Australia

Am a girl, 25 years young. I am easy going and responsible. I have all it takes to take care of my love ones that can be my lovers i enjoyed reading cookind also traveling to meet new friendIm lookin for a greath nice man for dating, possible relationship and marriage

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31, female, Single

Emigozan, Nigeria

i want you to be you because i love been me...Love inspires the most beautiful gestures. Love makes us starry-eyed; it makes us swoon. It makes us want to write sonnets and dance until dawn. It makes us do things that other people might even think are a little crazy (but if you've ever been in love, you'll understand). It also inspires some of the most beautiful and romantic quotes ever uttered in the English language. That's why we've rounded up the top 50 most romantic quotes for her (and him!) as uttered or written by celebrities and lovers around the world and across time. "One day you will kiss a man you can't breathe without and find that breath is of little consequence."

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46, male, Single

Merritt Island, United States

I only desire for everyone to be happy and independent (in or out of a relationship) by filling themselves with love, and when it overflows there's enough to go around for everyone.

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