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42, female, Single

Ormara, Philippines

I am simple lady caring, loving , honest, sensible, funny, passionate firm inside and out looking for my soulmate in life a man of my dream who will love me and my daughter for who I am.

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65, male, Widowed

Reynolds, United States

God fearing man,easy going,caring man,not that tall,honest,understanding and very romantic. You'll either love me or hate me..I'm ok with that...I don't like everyone I is what it is...I have trusted my heart to the wrong people too many times and am very cautious about doing it again..I either find my soulmate this time or I accept that maybe he is not here in this realm...maybe in another life?...I believe in God and talk to him everyday...he is my "Spirit in The Sky" ...I also look to the heavens to find answers to "natural questions"; I am a firm believer that we are all part of a huge universe and we are all connected, 6 degrees of separation, :) ....Who are you? What do you believe in? What really matters in the end??? For me its simple; to be in love with my best friend:What I’m doing with my lifewoke up in the morning,took my bath,breakfast then go to work.I’m really good atcooking,dancing,exercise and reading God wordsFavorite books, movies, shows, music, and foodBible,The Clon,Christian music,Vegeterian,Historical romances...i am a hopefull romanic! I have a very varied playlist,{from classical to JZ} I love live performances, ie: concerts,{just went to see Depeche Mode ;)))))))}, theater,{just saw Phantom for the upteenth time}, ballet,{ Swan Lake is my fav!!} I love food, especially Cuban cuisine ....the more "criollo" the better ...;) I make a mean Rabo Encendido...yum....but a bar pizza rocks too...lolThe six things I could never do withoutPraying,cooking,driving,GOD,Family, MY KID,friends,my warped sense of humorI spend a lot of time thinking aboutParisOn a typical Friday night I amHanging" with friends, eating, drinking wine, laughing, telling stories, sharing experiences. .... Spending time with the kid(s).... etc etc etc..ETC ;)))You should message me ifMessage me if you think am the right man for you. that just who i am cant hide it. If you are seriously looking for long term relationship...I

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40, female, Single

Pohnpei, United States

I'm glad that you're reading about me!I am who I am only because I have been working on me and my personality for my whole life. I've always had aims to reach and goals to achieve. When I want something I will never stop till I get it. I am stubborn and persistent, but I am proud of these features. Thanks to them I have what I have and I am who I am. I never give up and I never let down people I care about. I consider myself to be a strong and mature woman, even though I am in my early twenties. I've seen life and you will always have topics to talk about with me. I have very positive character and attitude to life. No matter what happens, happens for better! This is the truth of the life I believe in a happy future!..I am a sporty girl. I love fitness !I enjoy playing piano, singing, music in general. There are really many things which interest me. But the main hobby of mine will me making my man happy!I love children and I work in a kindergarten!..I am looking for a soulmate in the full sense of this word. Someone to love and to give all myself to. I am looking for a man who will support me in all my beginnings, will be happy for all my victories and achievements. I want him to take me for who I am with all my advantages and disadvantages. I want to start my day with his bright smile and to end it in his bear tight hugs as we are falling asleep together. I search happy, healthy, nourishing relationship when I and my man feel like the happiest couple in this existence. It is only in our hands to create and keep such wonderful relationship, to bring joy, brightness and passion into each other's lives.

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57, male, Widowed

Felt, United States

I'm an easygoing, jovial and hardworking being. I'm interested in making new friends and getting to know more about other cultures outside my own box. I like sports, music and I love cooking. I'm on here to find my soulmate and I hope I find the one for me.

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52, male, Single

Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh

Hi there!!Guess I already answered about my basics as the site asked for! Besides, I am truly looking for someone, who-if not the soulmate but can become a companion to take the journey ahead waits for US!! For me, individual space and freedom is important and the same I value for others too. Basically, an easy-going person who loves LIFE and and to see the globe as much as I can!! I consider myself a person with warm personality, caring and decent who respects others' values as well. Let not illustrate these description any longer rather hold the hands together for creating a TIME fills with beauty of life. So cheers and be my partner!!

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