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Durban North, South Africa

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Croydon, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Merricourt, United States

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Lubbock, United States

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Philadelphia, United States

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40, female, Single

Pohnpei, United States

I'm glad that you're reading about me!I am who I am only because I have been working on me and my personality for my whole life. I've always had aims to reach and goals to achieve. When I want something I will never stop till I get it. I am stubborn and persistent, but I am proud of these features. Thanks to them I have what I have and I am who I am. I never give up and I never let down people I care about. I consider myself to be a strong and mature woman, even though I am in my early twenties. I've seen life and you will always have topics to talk about with me. I have very positive character and attitude to life. No matter what happens, happens for better! This is the truth of the life I believe in a happy future!..I am a sporty girl. I love fitness !I enjoy playing piano, singing, music in general. There are really many things which interest me. But the main hobby of mine will me making my man happy!I love children and I work in a kindergarten!..I am looking for a soulmate in the full sense of this word. Someone to love and to give all myself to. I am looking for a man who will support me in all my beginnings, will be happy for all my victories and achievements. I want him to take me for who I am with all my advantages and disadvantages. I want to start my day with his bright smile and to end it in his bear tight hugs as we are falling asleep together. I search happy, healthy, nourishing relationship when I and my man feel like the happiest couple in this existence. It is only in our hands to create and keep such wonderful relationship, to bring joy, brightness and passion into each other's lives.

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39, female, Single

Alamosa, United States

im here to look for my soulmate a man that knows how woman should be treated

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57, female, Single

Sidoarjo, Indonesia

I am single, looking for my true soulmate for the rest of my life. He should be honest, smart, clean, humorous, adventurous.He must fear God. I love swimming, yoga, traveling, beaches. I like everything organized and clean.

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42, male, Single

Buffalo, United States

i am simply here searching for serious partner , some one for serious soulmate and serious and responsible person that is willing to admit for relationship that will diffinately result out for serious marriage

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30, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

i am a nice looking tall lovely and caring romantic young girl that has fear of god and respect to all people and i will like to meet people that has the same life style, i love sports, cooking is my hobby, I have a warm and good heart and i m a caring woman. I love traveling around the world, I love sun and the beach. I love enjoy a glass of wine or coffee while to share the views with my partner, I Iove to be spoiled with some flowers and some surprise. I wish to find a soulmate in my life. If you take me into your world I will give you my world and take care of you. I am looking for a true love that can lead to a marriage.

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Plymouth, United States

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Philadelphia, United States

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Houghton Lake, United States

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Tauranga, New Zealand

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Bewsey, England, Cheshire, United Kingdom


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