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Dating Prospect sharon

Magnolia, Texas, Montgomery, United States

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Kew Gardens, New York, Queens, United States

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Reigate, United Kingdom

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Wavell Heights North, Australia

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Columbus, Ohio, Franklin, United States

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Cincinnati, United States

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Bicester, United Kingdom

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Johnstown, United States

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51, male, Single

Laud Lakes, United States

I am down to heart, an easy going man with natural body, no tattoo and a good sense of honor, I love traveling, making of new friends and discovery the unknown to me. Enjoy giving my time to the less privileged in my community and also as my social responsibility, I love to see children showcase their level of brilliancy. I am looking for a woman for serious relationship a woman with his own heart desires....

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32, male, Single

Panania, Australia

Im 25 yrs old gd lookin have right arm full sleeve tattoo and an armband on my left facial peircings also look for a fun chik to have a gd time with

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42, male, Single

Linton, United States

My name is Manuel. 33 years young. I live in idaho. Born and raised in california. I love hawaii. I'm a tattoo artist, on down time i paint with oils, airbrush, pinstripe. I love art, thats why im on this site. Ive had ideas and thoughts of dating or spending time with a lady artist. If you would like to know more about me message me. Aloha

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49, male, Single

Aoubellil, Algeria

hello girls I am shopping I live in Algeria singles I am looking for serious relationships and friendships with girls very nice typical Canadian americainnes European I like the computer has internet televisions travels through the worlds of music americainnes beautiful jaime americainnes Annèe the 70 cars muscle car dodge jaime americainnes Annèe 70 chevrolet impala 1967 kansas jaime the series americainnes the talks jerry shaw americainnes springers shows chicago

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40, male, Single

Weston, United States

Interests: the practice of good solid mastering of the many arts I see fit to use and create awesome pieces with. Career: I am a president of a start up family business in the arenas of jewlery marketing and sales.In which I am learning all the idiosyncrasies of said the jewlry business, from designing to productoon to retail. I also drive livery to fund my said priority.I also have some Interest in creating an Italian sub shop.Hobbies: I like to play fútbol (soccer), billiards, I have artistic talents as well I am learning technical application of ink into the skin.(starter tattoo kit), photography is great. I like Cuisines and foriegn cultures. I like the sea. Kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, small venues, cool jazz lounges, low key ambience plases, local flavor. Serene views. Placid waters. Sunshiny days. Most of all being as close as possible with my woman.Travel exp.: RI, NY,CT, CA, RI.I'd like to see Italy Music:My style is classic hard rock soul.I am versitle though. I am a novice guitar player.I sing/song write.I have a background In percussion (drums)I play a bit of keysI recently bought a harmonica.Ultimately, I play music by ear. I am learning to read and write music at my own pace.I have my father's Brass, a Cornet over 50 years old. It's on my list of awesome things to do.I would also really like to learn to play violin, cello, bass ( classic style)And have more time with the piano keys.Future desires: to take care of myself through minding my own business and seeing things to fruition. I will behold to no man. Standing on my own. My god willing my way through the mazes, with my wife to be, as my inspiration, motovation and sole desire.Don't take to long to show yourself to me babe. Tomorrow is never promised. One love peace xo

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Chicago, Illinois, Cook, United States

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Republic, United States

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Finley, United States

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Saint Helier, Jersey

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Urbana, United States

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Rio das Ostras, Brazil

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Yukon, United States

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Raleigh, United States

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Arcadia, California, Los Angeles, United States

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Kingston, Michigan, Tuscola, United States

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San Marcos, United States

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Darmstadt, Germany

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Blackwater, United Kingdom

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Durban North, South Africa

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Prestonville, New Zealand

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Portland, Oregon, Multnomah, United States


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